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Monday, November 24, 2014

St. Ignatius Parish Historical Data

Date Event
9/28/45 Fr. William T. Hilvert is appointed first pastor of the newly-founded St. Ignatius Parish. 78 charter members.
1/13/46 First Mass held in Lonesome Pine Inn on North Bend Road; this building was used as a temporary church until a new church was built.
1/15/46 First meeting of St. Ann’s Ladies Society was held
March, 1946 New church, rectory and hall started on 23 acre property at 5222 North Bend Road.
7/5/46 Temporary school, a former public school building is purchased.
12/25/46 First Mass is offered in the new church.
9/27/47 School opens in temporary building with 105 children; Sisters of Mercy were appointed to staff the school.
12/12/47 New school bus was purchased.
5/30/48 The church was officially blessed by Archbishop (Paul) F. Leibold.
February, 1949 Athletic fields and parking areas are completed.
3/25/49 First assistant pastor, Fr. Paul Kappes is appointed
October, 1949 Automatic church bells are installed and ring for the first time.
February, 1950 Original debt of $98,000 was liquidated.
5/8/50 Ground breaking was held to begin construction of new school.
7/31/50 The cornerstone of the new school was laid by Msgr. William J. Anthony on The Feast of St. Ignatius Loyola
July, 1951 Miss Mary Lee Bogenschutz, our first lay teacher, was hired.
9/23/51 New school was dedicated by Archbishop Karl J. Alter; enrollment 240 pupils.
June, 1952 Girl Scout program was begun.
June, 1953 First all children Christmas Mass liturgy.
January, 1954 Plans were made to build a six-room house at the end of the property on Boomer Road.
5/25/54 Fr. Hilvert celebrates his Silver Jubilee.
6/17/54 Fr. Mark Gratsch replaces Fr. Paul Kappes as assistant.
September, 1954 An addition to the school was planned to include eight rooms and an undercroft.
2/21/55 First Junior Festival held by school children.
7/17/55 Fr. Hilvert announced that a new house would be raffled at the 1956 Festival as the main award.
June, 1956 Fr. Robert Thorsen replaces Fr. Mark Gratsch as assistant.
March, 1957 Special Mass of Thanksgiving offered for being debt free.
June, 1957 Boy Scout Troop #850 was organized.
August, 1958 Fr. Robert Putnick is appointed as assistant.
September, 1958 The new addition of the school was opened.
May, 1959 Fr. Raymond Aichele is appointed assistant pastor. School board votes unanimously in favor of all grade school girls to wear uniforms.
October, 1959 First fully functional library opens in school.
12/18/60 The new school orchestra holds its first recital.
January, 1961 Property at 5242 North Bend Road is purchased for a convent and chapel.
9/19/61 First Religion Instruction for Children (now PSR) is held for those children attending public schools.
May, 1963 Athletic Association begins construction on tennis courts.
January, 1964 Fr. Hilvert announced that we needed $200,000 before we can break ground for the new church. There was also much discussion on the proposed new highway, I-74.
August, 1965 First organizational meeting of St. Vincent dePaul Society.
January, 1966 Parish celebrated its 20th anniversary with a special Mass.
September, 1966 The undercroft was converted into four classrooms, one of which would be used as a library.
11/13/66 First steps were taken to organize Parish Council.
January, 1967 The "Insight" – a monthly parish news bulletin – was born.
December, 1967 The Ladies Society realized $8,523 from their Christmas Walk.
January, 1969 Ground was broken and the corner stone was laid for the new church by Msgr. James Lunn.
5/25/69 Fr. Hilvert’s 40th anniversary was celebrated with a program of tribute by the school children and parishioners.
7/31/69 Cornerstone was laid for the new church by Rev. Edward McCarthy, Auxiliary Bishop of Cincinnati on the Feast of St. Ignatius Loyola.
3/15/70 The new Church was dedicated by the Most Rev. Paul F. Leibold, Archbishop of Cincinnati
4/12/70 A ‘Folk Mass’ was instituted at the 11:00 AM Sunday Mass.
8/13/70 The parish-owned house at 3416 Boomer Road was sold to the Archdiocese.
12/17/70 Fr. Hilvert died. His funeral was held at St. Ignatius on Monday, December 21st.
3/1/71 Fr. John Seaman was appointed the second pastor of St. Ignatius.
4/2/72 Easter Sunday – the church bells rang for the first time at the 9:30 AM Mass.
4/18/76 Easter Sunday – the Risen Christ, the cloth mosaic design which was sewn by the women of the parish, was put in place for the first time.
8/6/76 First Parish picnic was held at Stricker’s Grove.
May, 1977 Athletic Association begins building a refreshment stand near the rectory garages.
7/1/78 Miss Mary Lee Bogenschutz officially assumed the responsibilities as principal of the school. (June 13, 1976 was set aside as Miss Mary Lee Day, a day to honor her as the first lay teacher of St. Ignatius and a teacher at St. I’s for 25 years.)
10/30/78 Fr. Don Behler became the 3rd pastor of St. Ignatius.
7/1/79 Sr. Marietta Sharkey, O.S.F., became the first full-time director of Religious Education.
May, 1980 The installation of the pipe organ was completed.
7/7/80 The mortgage on the new church was declared "PAID".
11/21-22/80 The Christ Renews His Parish process was initiated with the men’s formation weekend. (First Men’s weekend on parish grounds took place March 14-15, 1981)
Nov.-Dec., 1980 The interior of the church was painted and new carpet was installed.
12/14/80 The Giving Tree was announced. This project was representative of our year-round and varied outreach to our sister-parish, St. Leo.
1/16-18/81 Formation weekend of the Women’s Christ Renews His Parish took place. (First women’s weekend on parish grounds was on April 25-26, 1981)
5/17/81 The First Spirit Sunday was celebrated.
11/21/81 Deacons Jim Meade and Mike Blum were ordained to the priesthood in our church.
8/22/82 St. Ignatius Bereavement committee is born.
3/25/84 St. Ignatius School starts the Everybody Counts Program.
11/8/84 Ladies Society stage a Christmas Walk to refurbish the kitchen in the school cafeteria.
5/11/86 A dream of the St. Ignatius 250 Club becomes a reality when ground breaking takes place for the new Community Center.
6/21/86 Luis Riva receives his Holy Orders to become a Permanent Deaconate.
5/17/87 Dedication of Community Center.
June, 1987 Bingo begins at St. Ignatius to reduce parish debt.
September, 1987 New parish offices are completed in the South wing of Hilvert Hall.
1/2-16/88 1st annual basketball tournament is held in new gym.
5/13-14/88 The 1st Showbiz production "St. I Spirit – Then & Now" is performed under the direction of Irma Lewis.
July, 1988 Fr. Mark Gratsch is appointed pastor replacing Fr. Don Behler.
1/30/89 Special Mass is held marking the end of the Community Center Fund Drive.
8/27/89 Kris Schoettmer is named the new CCD director.
11/5/89 Drago Bubalo becomes St. Ignatius new music director.
January, 1990 Interior walls of church are painted with new carpeting being installed in October.
4/22/90 A festival Kick-Off Party is held in the priest house to raise money for the major award at the new Parish Festival which will be held on August 17, 18, & 19.
June, 1991 Fr. Jack Mattscheck is appointed associate.
9/7/91 Fathers Accountable to Healthy Enduring Relations and Spirituality (F.A.T.H.E.R.S.) begins at St. Ignatius with a retreat.
11/29/91 Ground breaking ceremonies are held after the 9:15 AM Thanksgiving Mass for the addition to the school which will include 6 classrooms, new offices, computer room, library, an elevator and will be made handicap accessible with construction beginning in December.
8/30/92 Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk celebrates the 12:15 Mass dedicating the new school. A time capsule is placed behind the corner stone before being placed.
10/13/92 St. Ignatius Parents Teacher Organization is organized.
November, 1992 Miss Mary Lee is awarded Principal of the Year.
July, 1993 48 NEW stained glass windows are donated by various parishioners.
7/27/93 Fr. Mark Gratsch dies. His funeral is held at St. Ignatius on July 30, 1993.
10/12/93 Fr. Thomas Bolte is appointed pastor
7/9/94 The program for the assistance of Catholic Education (P.A.C.E.) begins at St. Ignatius.
2/24/95 Fr. Paul Gruber celebrates his 50th anniversary.
6/9/95 Miss Mary Lee retires as principal after 44 years at St. Ignatius.
7/1/95 Mr. Tim Reilly is appointed the new principal.
September, 1995 Construction begins on the new concession stand and storage facility of the Athletic Association.
1/13/96 Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk presides at the opening celebration Mass depicting 50 years of St. Ignatius. Is was on this date in 1946 that the 1st Mass was said by Fr. William T. Hilvert at the Lonesome Pine Inn on North Bend Road. This would begin a year long celebration at St. Ignatius with monthly events covering St. Ignatius 50 years as a community parish.
1997 New annex is built behind the community center and new windows installed in the school
1998 New concession and athletic building built
7/31/99 St. Ignatius night at the Cincinnati Reds ballgame! Mary Massa and Jenny Bates, of the contemporary group Celebrate, sing the national anthem. 
11/22/99 St. Ignatius establishes their presence on the World Wide Web as!
2000 Project 2000 is approved and plans started for St. Ignatius' largest building project!
8/6/00 St. Ignatius day at the Cincinnati Reds ballgame! Members of Celebrate sing the national anthem.
2001 First catholic school to receive Inclusion Award